The Junction

Notably the last ‘dry’ area of Toronto – where alcohol was prohibited until 2000, today The Junction is a neighbourhood that has finally arrived. Bounded by St. Clair to the north and Annette Street to the south, between Runnymede and the CNR tracks, The Junction is arguably Toronto’s most up-and-coming neighbourhood, including the neighbouring Junction Triangle squeezed in between the Junction, Roncesvalles Avenue and Bloordale Village. Getting its name from the four railroad lines in the area, the neighbourhood that was once a manufacturing centre has now witnessed an urbanization that includes many residential developments while maintaining its small-town composure.

No longer the epicenter of Canada’s meatpacking industry, The Junction has thrown off its historic reputation as an industrial neighbourhood and today is home to some of the city’s most interesting furniture shops, espresso bars, and live music venues. Its residents enjoy a mixture of the arts, social media, and fashion, in addition to diverse cuisines and chic restaurants.

It’s recently enjoyed renewed business and technological attention. Ubisoft and Freshbooks recently opened large offices here and burgeoning Sterling Road is the new location of the Drake Commissary, Henderson’s Brewery, and will soon be home to Toronto’s Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art.