Moss Park

Moss Park is one of Toronto’s central neighbourhoods, bounded by Carlton Street to the north, Front Street East and Eastern Avenue to the south, Jarvis Street to the east, and Parliament Street to the west, while cutting across Queen Street East. Originally Toronto’s industrial heart and built to house industrial workers, Moss Park grew with the construction of the public housing project, in addition to many apartment complexes which are primarily rented by the neighbourhood residents.

With its strong sense of community and diverse, young population, this once rough area is beginning to witness urban growth and revitalization. The neighbourhood has come together with plans to rebuild its community centre and open many gourmet shops. Moss Park also contains some of Toronto’s most well-known landmarks, including the Moss Park Armoury where the Canadian Armed Forces train, and the store front used in the CBC show Kim’s Convenience.


The neighbourhood encompasses Corktown, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Toronto. Situated south of Queen Street East to the Gardiner Expressway between Berkeley Street and the Don River, Corktown is historically an industrial neighbourhood but has enjoyed renewed development interest in recent years.

Likely named for its early settlers from Ireland’s Cork District, Corktown – while still a little rough around the edges – has recently seen an influx of new homebuyers who enjoy the proximity to the downtown core and the neighbourhood’s old Victorian architecture. The area is also home to the Garden District, where revitalization is seen residential, commercial, and institutional development.