Forest Hill North

Forest Hill North is one of Toronto’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, bordering along Eglinton Avenue West to the south, Briar Hill Avenue to the north, Latimer Avenue to the east, and Allen Road and Marlee Avenue to the west. The pictorial Upper Village began to develop as a neighbourhood in the early 1900’s as it was alongside the prominent Belt Line Railway which brought in many industries and is now home to many modern projects, such as residential revitalizations and condo developments. Historically, the neighbourhood houses were planned by an architect with a tree planted at the front.

Known for its charming topography, Forest Hill North consists of many winding roads, sloping hills, parkettes, and Tudor and Georgian style houses. With an affluent population that mainly consists of large families, older couples and wealthy singles, Forest Hill North residents often enjoy leisure-intensive lifestyles as well as participating in activities such as fine dining, high-end fashion, and sports.