Dufferin Grove

Known for its many “green” projects, the neighbourhood of Dufferin Grove is one of Toronto’s revitalization successes. Bordered by Bloor Street West to the north, College Street to the south, and Dovercourt Road to the east, Dufferin Grove is one of Toronto’s most culturally diverse neighbourhoods. Rising in prominence during the late 1800’s, Dufferin Grove came to house Toronto’s middle-class families within the many prominent detached and semi-detached houses in the neighbourhood.

Having a larger than average population in comparison to other Toronto neighbourhoods, Dufferin Grove provides its residents with the feel of an open community centre as it is commonly referred to as the ‘Big Backyard’. Much of the neighbourhood includes green spaces consisting of many trees, large gardens, and yards. Dufferin Grove Park is the perfect space for this leisurely population to engage in various sports and other outdoor activities.

Brockton Village

Included within the larger neighbourhood is the historic former town of Brockton Village. Now a vibrant community, Brockton Village is also a successful commercial centre and shopping district along Dundas Street West. Its former town hall has been converted into commercial space, and the former race track is now home to the fairly crowded Dufferin Mall.