Corso Italia-Davenport

With notable Italian, Portuguese and Latin American contingents, Corso-Italia Davenport is a fun, lively and active neighbourhood with landmarks, businesses and attractions that reflect this cultural make-up. College Street may be known as Toronto’s official Little Italy, but Corso-Italia Davenport’s authentic Italian heritage comes through loud and clear, as does that of the Portuguese and growing Latin American presence. Corso-Italia is situated alongside St. Clair Avenue West and Lansdowne Avenue, with the area completely bounded by Morrison Avenue, Westmount Avenue, and Oakwood Avenue.

Known as Earlscourt in the early 1900’s, the neighbourhood was originally settled by British immigrants. During the 1950’s, the area became inhabited by a wave of Italian migrants, shaping the cultural community to what it is today. Its diverse population includes a mixture of singles and families that enjoy modest consumption in the arts, media, and fashion.

You’ll find independent clothiers, fresh markets, interspersed with restaurants, bakeries, and cafes featuring cuisines from all over the world. The modernized St. Clair streetcar not only zips you to the subway, but its shelters boast some exciting and eye-catching artwork.